The 13 Goddess Archetypes oils

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During a retreat by Almine in Genk (Belgium) in 2014, I created an oil for one of the participants by mixing existing oils that had a lot of impact and made a deep impression. When I spoke to Almine about this, she told me that I had created the 7th Goddess Archetype blend “Ishanama“.

In 2019 I asked Almine again about the Goddess Archetypes oils. It wasn’t time yet. After the appearance of the new formula for “The eternal Mind” oil (March 2022), now called “The eternal Mind of the Gods“, I asked again about the Goddess Archetypes oils, and NOW it was the right time!

The same day Almine received the Sigils for the 13 oils and 2 days after that the 13 oils (Pana-Tura, Ama-Terra-Su, Ka-Li-Ma, Ori-Ka-La, Au-Ba-Ri, Hay-Hu-Ka, Ishana-Ma, Apara-Tura, Hay-Leem-A, Ur-U-Ama, Amaraku, Alu-Mi-Na en Ara-Ka-Na) were born.

From Tina, Fragrance Alchemy Assistent en Order Fulfillments manager:

The first miracle occurred this recently past Thursday. Almine had been asked by our European Reseller (, for thirteen oils representing the thirteen goddess archetypes, to be created by Almine, to help restore the sacred feminine essence which in turn would restore balance among the nations of the Earth. When the Seer came to the fragrance alchemy warehouse, she was informed that many of the fragrance oils had not been obtainable or, had not arrived due to the disruption of supply chains. As she looked at the much reduced selection of ingredients, her response was: “This will need a great deal of magic to successfully create“. She sat in silence for a while and then, with just a few components, created a magnificent selection of thirteen oils for the goddess archetypes — each one powerful, each one completely unique.

The oils are available as a complete set (Collection) (click here) and as individual oils (click here).

The book “Journey to the Heart of God” with (background) information is for sale as an e-book (English only) on (click here).

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