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This page was last modified on December 10, 2019

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer, tablet or mobile phone by websites that you visit. A website can save one or more cookies.

What is saved?

The information saved is often comprised of navigation information about your visit to that website. By keeping this, the website can guide you better through the different pages during your visit.

Cookies are often used to save your preferred settings. For example remembering your username, or if you prefer to display 25 forum topics simultaneously instead of 10 topics.

Why save a cookie?

When you visit the same website again a week later, then the website can retrieve the information from the cookie that was saved during your last visit. The website can use the information in the cookie to, for example, change back your navigation data and preferences. So the website’s login page auto-completes your username, or a shop may display the products that you have viewed during your last vist(s).

In conclusion, cookies allow for personalisation of a website and making it more user-friendly.

Who can read the information stored in a cookie?

Only you have full access to all cookies from every website visited on your device(s). Many browsers now offer the option to see what is stored in cookies (and the option to delete or block).

For a website that access is different: When a cookie is saved it is linked to the website’s domain name. A website can only read the information stored in cookies from the same domain name. For example, the website cannot read cookies that were created by the website saves the cookies under the domain name:

Geuren Alchemie Cookie Policy

We value our privacy on the Internet and you benefit from this. Unlike most websites, we do not use tracking cookies and/or cookies from third parties.

The Social Media buttons on the website (to share and products), are not linked to those websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkeIn). Furthermore, we do not use website analysis like Google Analytics or advertising with tracking cookies.

The following cookies are always used by us

  • Website-functional cookies: These are necessary cookies needed for proper functioning of Geuren Alchemie. Our website will not function properly without these cookies and shopping on Geuren Alchemie is not possible without these cookies listed below;
    None of these Cookies contain personal information.

    • Name Cookie: cookie_notice_accepted
      Type: dFactory (WordPress plugin)
      Lifespan: 6 months
      Description: Is written when the cookie message is understood and OK is clicked.
    • Name Cookie: _stripe_mid, __stripe_orig_props, __stripe_sid, cid, country, __stripe-js-v3-features__
      Type: Stripe
      Lifespan: 1 year
      Description: Stripe is used for credit card payments. Stripe uses a cookie to remember who you are and offers Geuren Alchemie the option to process payments without storing credit card information on the Geuren Alchemie servers.
    • Name Cookie: wordpress_test_cookie
      Type: WordPress
      Lifespan: End of the session
      Description: Test to determine whether the browser has cookies enabled.
    • Name Cookie: wordpress_logged_in_
      Type: WordPress
      Lifespan: End of the session
      Description: Is created when you login on
    • Name Cookie: woocommerce_recently_viewed
      Type: WooCommerce
      Lifespan: End of the session
      Description: Contains the recently visited products.
    • Name Cookie: woocommerce_cart_hash
      Type: WooCommerce
      Lifespan: End of the session
      Description: Contains a unique ID that links the visitor to the products in the cart.
    • Name Cookie: woocommerce_items_in_cart
      Type: WooCommerce
      Lifespan: End of the session
      Description: Contains the amount of products in the cart.
    • Name Cookie: wp_woocommerce_session_
      Type: WooCommerce
      Lifespan: 2 days
      Description: Contains a unique ID for each visitor that is used to link cart content to the visitor.
    • Name Cookie: wp-wpml_icl_current_language
      Type: WooCommerce
      Lifespan: 1 day
      Description: Used to collect information about your navigation language and to provide you with the most suitable content (language).

Third Party Cookies

When visiting, some cookies that are not related to Geuren Alchemie could be created. When you visit a page which contains embedded content, for example Vimeo (video) or Soundcloud (audio), cookies might be created by these websites. We have no control over these cookies. If you wish any information about these cookies, we suggest you consult the websites of these third-party services.

No cookies?

Would you prefer that no cookies are stored on your device? Then you can adjust the settings of your browser. For instructions: Click below on the type of browser you are using.

Changes cookie policy

Geuren Alchemie reserves the right to update and revise its Cookie policy to adapt to legal and other developments from time to time. You should check this cookie policy regularly so that you are aware of any changes.

If you have any questions, please contact Geuren Alchemie through our Contact form.