Set – Self-Compassion & Self-Regeneration

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These two fragrance blends, created by Almine, are potent and timely!

The Self-Compassion blend activates the power of deeper self-valuing, self-acknowledgment and self-love needed to move to higher levels of life that are now open to us. It promotes a return to wholeness as we reclaim lost, rejected parts and get ready to make a leap into the self-sovereignty of the Incorruptible White Light. Unconditional self-compassion and self-love are necessary to being able to embrace our environment and take responsibility for it as our expression.

These awakened qualities enhance our body’s power to self-regenerate, self-heal, and self-rejuvenate. The second blend in the kit is Self-Regeneration & Self-Rejuvenation through Self-Acceptance.

We can only become a gateway for life ever new when we are we fully self-accepting and no longer self-suppressing, which causes resistance to life.

These blends are a perfect pair to support activation of the 8th chakra and the heart, in support of merging inner and outer space. They are also perfect for anyone new to Fragrance Alchemy, as their properties support a gentle dissolving of density and resistance to life.

The unique properties of these 2 blends combine to leverage of the alchemical potency.

December 2017

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