Magic Rose Fairy

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We are very delighted to announce the advent of the new blend, the Magic Rose Fairy, created by the seer to restore the Magic in our Hearts and the Lightness of Glad Expectations in our steps through eternity.

The message of the seer at this time of destructuring being experienced on earth:

It is essential that the great light-bearers of the planet keep their faith in the perfection of unfolding life, and illuminate this time of despair with their Ray of Hope.

The Ray of Hope is the gift of the Gods to humanity. It is born of the Eternal Perspective of the Ancient Ones and the understanding that this too shall pass, and the memory of it be as a mere freckle on the face of time.

This blend was given to me in the night during the magic time between awakening and dreaming, by an exquisite little creature, who left her fragrance behind on my pillow after she left. May it restore your Joy and Gladden your Hearts, my beloved light family.

With Love and Gratitude, Almine

Application: A small amount can be placed behind the knee joints. This signifies flexibility and optimism as you move forward through your eternal existence. Try and experience something inspiring each day.

March 2020

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