De geuroliën en de 5 Elementen leer


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5-element acupuncture is a very involved study and it has been my very inspired field of study for a very long time; how the five elements are associated with the 12 meridians.
When all 5 elements are cultivated, the 12 ordinary meridians operate increasingly as a unified field.
The 5 elements, when “on-line”:

  • Correct the 5 flaws of mind (Messages from the Hidden Planets)
  • Dissolve the 5 binding geometries (Divinity Guest)
  • Activate the 5 principles on the sigil of the Real High Heart

Thus supporting our becoming the cauldron of manifestation by alchemy with the Infinite.

I asked you before, but received no answer, to ask you to see if there are 5 Fragrance Alchemy blends for the 5 elements to activate the yin/yang pairs of the ordinary meridians?


I have not had the answer to give you earlier Dearest. It is only for the last few days that the Veils have been falling away.

The short answer is yes, they will reveal themselves as I unravel the huge mystery behind the five elements over the next few weeks. I’ve seen a hugely complex sigil, with multiple sigils within it. If I can draw this, it will reveal 300 points of captured life force (Chi or Prana). These blockages form from 300 limiting belief systems. The extent to which these limitations are overcome, determines to what degree the 5 elements “come on line “. This in turn eliminates personality — something we’ve said for a long time is an impediment to mastery.

Somehow the 300 terminals, or points of limitation, originate from messages from the hypothalamus.
The sigil consists of two five pointed stars inside each other. There are twelve sigils on each point (5 x 12 = 60, 5 x 60 = 300).

I will make the 5 oils for the 5 Elements as soon as I understand how to prevent the 300 blockages from throwing them out of balance again. And in turn disrupting the 12 meridians yin/yang energy. This may actually only be completed by October.
It is time for me to explore reclaiming the huge fruit of my labor – the forty eight musical elixirs of the 12 meridians I did in 2014, but lost access to. I would also need a supply of a very specific Neroli I found in Asia. The reason for this is that the 12 meridians, the 5 elements (which is like a map of inner space – see Windows into Eternity), and the 300 points of limitlessness, all have to be cleansed and “upgraded” at exactly the same time, so that they do not recreate imbalance in each other.

Apparently there are 24 different moods created by the 300 points of limitlessness when belief systems block them, that throws the 5 elements out of balance – its a complex picture to put together.

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